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Avatarsiggi - 26. Februar 2017
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DODS mal neu installieren!
Avatarsiggi - 19. Februar 2017
Hat auf das Thema Days of War - Valve schreitet ein;... von siggi zuletzt geantwortet.
Days of War - Valve schreitet ein; Entwickler muss DoD-Map entfernen

Die Entwickler von Days of War mussten die Map Thunder aus der Early-Access-Version des Weltkriegs-Shooters entfernen. Zuvor hatte Valve Beschwerde wegen eines Copyright-Verstoßes eingelegt.

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Avatarsiggi - 16. Oktober 2016
Hat auf das Thema Game kaufen... von siggi zuletzt geantwortet.
Das Game kaufen über Steam

Day of Defeat

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Avatarsiggi - 07. März 2017
Hat die News DoW - Version Hotfix in der Kategorie Allgemein eingetragen.
» Hotfix
• Fixed issue where tree branches were eating bullets on Foy
• Fixed collision on church and middle house in Foy
• Fixed bug where k98 scope was off by a few pixels
• Added grenades to g43 class
• Reduced rifle grenade fuse time
• Entering enemy spawns will now kill player
• Fixed bug where minimap would render black
• Fixed bug where view model offsets were not affecting weapon position
• Fixed typo in objectives defended message
• Fixed bug where rockets and rifle grenades did not show their icon in death messages
• Disabled friendly fire until we can implement a proper vote kick/ban system
• Server admins can now set gamemode settings for Foy using [/script/daysofwar.dowgamemode_detonation_foy]

Known outstanding issues
• Sniper recoils immediately after shot, unintended bug from switching to the new weapon system
• STG44 flashes in choose class menu
• Recoil is unintentionally low for some weapons
• Quick switch allows faster rate of fire
• Spectating sniper does not show crosshairs properly
Avatarsiggi - 06. März 2017
Hat die News DoW - Version in der Kategorie Allgemein eingetragen.

Hey Everyone,

There are a few big changes in today's update that we wanted to highlight.

We are adding our new map, dow_foy, into the rotation. The map isn't finished yet so still contains some placeholder assets and lacks final detail. Foy is an attack and defend detonation style map that was designed to accommodate larger battles.

We look forward to getting your reactions and input on the map/style, and suggestions for improvements.

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Avatarsiggi - 22. Februar 2017
Hat die News State Of Decay 2 Announced, Adding Co-op in der Kategorie Allgemein eingetragen.
State Of Decay 2 Announced, Adding Co-op

State of Decay developers Undead Labs today announced a sequel to their community-building zombie apocalypse survival game, coming to Windows 10 in 2017. The big feature for State of Decay 2 [official site] is online co-op, letting up to four players join up to romp around the end of human civilisation. Between this and Dead Rising 4’s announcement, it has been a good day for co-op zombiefun. Have a look at SoD2:

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Official side

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